Spa Program

Facial Treatment

The intensive facial program related to Sulwhasoo skincare.

Moisturizing & Comforting Treatment

Moisturizing and Comforting Treatment is a program to restore the skin's natural moisture balance through the use of products optimized for soothing-hydration-dryness prevention. This treatment involves a ritual that supports fast absorption and utilizes a white porcelain massager for added benefits.

Benefits: Moisturizing & soothing80 minutes $240

Calming & Vitalizing Treatment

Calming and Vitalizing Treatment is a program designed to provide immediate recovery of skin condition and vitality with products formulated for soothing and resilient care. This treatment features a ritual tailored for sensitive skin that incorporates a dark green jade massager.

Benefits: Calming & improves skin elasticity80 minutes $300

Brightening & Resilience Treatment

Brightening and Resilience Treatment is a program aimed at making the skin firmer and brighter through the use of products that promote both firmness and glow. This treatment involves a ritual that enhances even tone and smooth texture and utilizes a half-moon-shaped jade massager.

Benefits: Brightening & enhance skin resilience 80 minutes $330

Signature Ginseng Treatment

Signature Ginseng Treatment is a Sulwhasoo's representative program to experience the essence of ginseng science. This treatment delivers ginseng energy deep into the skin through a ritual that utilizes products infused with ginseng technology, as well as a horn-shaped jade massager.

Benefits: Wrinkle-care & rejuvenation 80 minutes $330

The Ultimate S Treatment

The Ultimate S Treatment is a high-end program, designed with products that restore the hidden angle of the face, a ritual that defines the facial contour, and amber applicators to recapture the skin’s youth.

Benefits: Wrinkle-care & enhance skin resilience80 minutes $440

Eye Care Treatment

Moisturize, rejuvenate and firms eye area to reduce puffiness and dark eye circles appearance.15 minutes $50